Birthday Gift Buying Guide

Finding the best birthday gift can be a hassle if you do not know what, where and how to get it? You are worried that the birthday gift you buy may not be liked by the recipient. It will be easier if you could do a brief research and understand what the birthday boy’s or girl’s wants before buying a birthday gift but if you have totally no clue what the other person’s likes or dislikes, here is a birthday gift buying guide which may help you to shop for the right gift item. There are many factors to consider before getting that perfect birthday gift, once you go through the buying guide, you may find it less daunting to do birthday gift shopping now.

  1. Gender
    Choosing a birthday gift for men and women is different as different genders have different perception and expectation of receiving a birthday present. Women prefer birthday gifts that convey love, affection and appreciation while men prefer birthday gift that is practical, utilitarian and good quality. There are certain birthday gifts that delight one gender than the other, for example, a bouquet of flowers, jewellery and handbags as a birthday gift will delight women more than men.
  2. Age
    Different age group will have different desires and expectation for their birthday gifts so pick one birthday gift that match closely to their interests. For example, a 15-year-old teenage boy would prefer to have a skate board, roller skate than a set of golf wedges. Similarly, a senior rock climbers may need more safety measure for their rock climbing than their younger counterparts.
  3. Relationship
    How close is your relationship with the birthday gift recipient will determine what kind of birthday gift you want to buy. It is understandable that you will want to spend more money and time hunting for the best birthday gift for someone who is dear to your heart than someone you merely know. However, if you want the birthday boy or girl to be excited by the gift, ignore the relationship factor and focus on the end result.
  4. Budget
    Get the birthday present within your means so you will not feel overly stress when you are planning to buy a birthday present. You can consider asking your friends or family members to pitch in and share so you are still able to get an expensive birthday present but without burning hole in your pocket.
  5. Time
    Timing is important for birthday gifting. Once the birthday present is delivered late, its special significance and sincerity will be lost. Therefore, if you need to get that exotic or personalized birthday gift, shop early as it requires time to prepare, process and deliver the gift to the birthday recipient. So if time is short, consider off-the-shelves type of birthday gifts so it can arrive in time and make everyone happy.
  6. Personality Type
    Get a birthday gift based on the birthday celebrant personality. There are sixteen personality types according to Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. Once you know their personality types, it will be easier to know why they behave in certain ways, what they value and what they like so getting a birthday gift will be less daunting than before.
  7. Colors
    Some birthday boy or girl are particular about colors so make sure you are getting a birthday present which suit their colour preferences. For example, gift items such as apparel, appliances, home décor and even electronics gadgets; colors play an important part when people decide which particular gift items they want to buy. In addition, the young normally prefer uplifting and trendy colors while the seniors prefer conventional colors. Therefore, do a check first or watch the colours the birthday celebrants usually wear or pick while shopping, this will give you clue on what their colour preference are?
  8. Design
    Similar to the colors, the design of the gift is another factor to consider before purchasing a birthday gift. If your birthday recipient is young and trendy, you will not want to buy something that is dated in design. A good example is the mobile phone and laptop, the modern design is sleek, glossy and streamlined when compared to the older design. 
  9. Message to be Communicated
    Gifting is the best time to convey a message that you find it difficult to communicate to the birthday recipient during normal days. It’s a good time to show your appreciation, love, care and gratitude. The message can be written on the birthday card or via the gift itself. For example, give your older parents a home exercise equipment, one full year supply of vitamins and dietary supplements is a great way to show your care and love to them. The message is clear, you want them to remain active and healthy.
  10. Likes / Interests
    Spend some time and find out what the birthday celebrant’s likes and dislikes so you can get the right birthday gift to impress them. In addition, if you can find out what is the person is interested then your birthday gift hunting will be easier. For example, if the birthday recipient is a fans of movies or cartoon characters like Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Pikachu and Disney Princess then it is easier to find a special themed birthday gift for him or her as there is bound to be some merchandises and gift items related to them.
  11. Cultures
    Some cultures have certain taboos for gifting especially the Asian cultures. Certain gift items like clock, scissors, towels and umbrella are unsuitable as they symbolize bad relationship and bad lucks. So check out the recipient’s culture carefully before giving out a birthday gift as the last thing you want is to upset the birthday boy or girl on their special day instead of making them happy.
  12. Pets
    If the birthday celebrant has a pet, you may like to create a birthday gift out of his or her beloved pet. For example, printing his or her pet on a T-Shirt, Cushion or Hand-phone cover as a birthday gift. Alternatively, getting a pet themed birthday gift such as a Dogs Tote, Slip-On, Cat Mug or Cat Apron is another great idea too.
  13. Hobby
    If you notice that the birthday celebrant has started a new hobby or activity, you can buy something related to it. For example, if someone starts to learn baking, you can buy baking accessories or cookbook for him or her as a birthday gift. 

Safe Birthday Gifts

After going through the above list and you still do not have any clue on what to get for the birthday boy or girl then go for the safe birthday gifts as below. You definitely can’t go wrong with this.

    • Amazon Gift Card
    • Birthday Gift Baskets
    • Electronic Gadgets e.g. USB stick
    • Candy and Biscuits
They are neutral gifts and not limited by genders, relationship or culture so it will make a good birthday gift for those who seem to have everything.


Birthday gift shopping need not be a stressful event, just relax and enjoy the process of giving and you will get pleasure out of it. It will worth your every effort when you see your birthday recipient’s face light up when he or she open the birthday gift.